Temp. Zwolle

‘The American Soundtrack’ was invited by Temp. to be part of its first temporary art sale containing the works of MMMade, Steef Wildenbeest, Nina Maissouradze, Siard Bijkersma (The American Soundtrack), Knijp Me, Jerry van der Bol, Suzanne van Paridon, Eddy Dijkslag, Gradi Nitert, Stik, Yoko Heiligers, Yorick Bergsma, FABRIEKFANATIEK, Johan Kuipers, Chiel te Bokkel and Wieger Steenhuis.

The traveling artshop Temp. will be opening its first exhibition and art sale in Coffee United in Zwolle on the 15th of february. Temp. exhibites and sells unique and affordable art with a price range between €5,- and €50,-. Work varies between illustrations, silkscreens, photographs, jewelry, booklets and illustrated clothespins. You can buy yourself or someone else a unique gift at the Temp. art sale!

Temp. is initiated by Bart Jansen en FABRIEKFANATIEK.

‘The American Soundtrack’ will present its first booklet ‘Cahier No. 1′ along with prints and cards containing the first drawings made for the ’The American Soundtrack’ project. Original art by Siard Bijkersma.


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